Using our rich set of features you will make your daily organisation and communication effortless, intuitive and accessible for your employees everywhere.

Employee training

Ensures everyone always has the knowledge they need.

  • Onboarding

    Use onboarding flows to ensure your new employees starts out with all the information they need.

  • Courses

    With media rich courses you can continuously train your staff and keep their knowledge up to date.

  • Manuals

    Keep all your documents and information in one place, ensuring everyone always knows where to look.

Day to day communication

Keep everyone in the loop — all the time.

  • Realtime chats

    With both private and group chats everyone can reach each other in a quick and effective way.

  • Social Walls

    A place for everyone to share information, images, videos and polls — every department has their own.

  • News Announcements

    Target specific departments or professions and make sure that important news are seen.

To-do lists

Turn your everyday processes into structured collaborative to-do lists and make sure everything gets done.

  • Recurring To-dos

    Create recurring to-do lists once and have them repeat on specific weekdays or dates.

  • Who and when?

    Keep track of who did what and when. See comments on tasks that could not be completed.

...and a lot more features

  • Surveys

    Recognise problems before they arise. Know how your employees think and feel with recurring surveys collecting valuable data.

  • Events & Calendar

    Make sure everyone is up to date with company events and their personal shifts, which we import from your scheduling platform.

  • Data overview

    Check onboarding and course status, see engagement statistics, and get the full overview of your data.

  • Push Notifications

    Notify everyone with automated push notications incorporated in all features.

Use your brand

Your name,
your logo,
your colors colors colors colors .

We customise your app to look and feel like your brand.

You will get an app that is truly yours with your name, your app icon, your logo and your colors used through the entire app.


We have full integrations with all major scheduling systems

Our integration synchronises all your data live to your app. Employee details, shifts, department and group relations are all synchronised automatically.

No double bookingkeeping - we have full automation.


+ many more

Employees and Shifts

Complete Company Structure

Fully Automated

It's your data. COMPLIANT

We are committed to delivering the highest data security and privacy. You have full ownership and control of your data on our platform.


We are 100% GDPR compliant and follow industry-standard security measures. All data is hosted and processed in the EU.

Your data

You have total ownership of your data - everything you do on our platform belongs to you.


Separate your employees' work life from their private life compared to other intruding social platforms.

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